Check-in with the new Test & Trace app

The NHS COVID-19 app will launch on Thursday 24 September and hairdressers like ourselves are supporting this new technology by displaying NHS QR code posters in salons.

Customers who have downloaded the new NHS COVID-19 app can use their smartphones to easily check-in when they visit the salon.

We already comply with the regulations to record visitors to the salon for the purpose of Test and Trace which allows the NHS to contact customers with public health advice should there be a COVID-19 outbreak.

How it works

The salon’s QR code will be displayed on entry to the salon, at each styling station and at the reception to make it easy for you to check-in when you arrive.

The salon information will be logged on your phone for 21 days and if during that time a coronavirus outbreak is identified at a location, you may get an alert with advice on what to do based on the level of risk.

The UK government advises that the QR system is a free, easy and privacy-preserving way to check-in customers to venues and is available from your app store.

We will continue to take the required information for Test and Trace for customers who do not wish to use the app. If you have any questions about how we protect your privacy, store your personal data and what information we hold about you please read our privacy statement.