Noah’s Ark Covid19 guidance

We have introduced new health and safety measures in line with government guidelines to ensure a safer environment in our children’s salon. Social distancing requirements unfortunately impact our ability to provide services for some of our youngest clients. Please bear in mind that these changes are necessary for you and your child’s safety, our team and clients.

Guidance specific to children (under 11 years)
  • All children must provide their date of birth at the time of booking to ensure the correct service is booked.
  • To assist with meeting new health and safety measures, appointments for children under the age of 11 will only be accepted alongside an adult booking as a ‘family service’. Styling will be provided in family rooms where you can be together as a unit.
  • Children’s appointments without an accompanying adult booking will be released at a later date.
  • Regrettably, we are unable to accept bookings from children who are unable to understand and adhere to instructions on social distancing and our health and safety measures. This decision of the child’s understanding will be that of the parent/guardian, however, a stylist may also refuse a booking for a child e.g. a new client whom we have no experience, or ask them to leave if at any point they do not feel safe.

View the full Covid19 safety measures we have put in place, which apply to all clients.

Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines prior to accepting an appointment so you know what to expect when you visit the salon. We hope our new guidelines can be respected on your return to the salon, it’s a big change for all of us and everyone must adhere to them.