Appointment bookings are back online

Clients of our barbers & ladies salons can once again book appointments online.

Our online tool makes it easy for you to book, view previous services, search the range of services and suggest a range of appointments for you to select your preferred option.

To book online

1. Go to our appointment booking page

2. Select the ‘Book Now’ button and select the services you want to book.

3. Select your service from ‘Most popular’, ‘My recently booked’ or ‘All services’. Your selection will show in the ‘My selections’ tab.

Choose a time

1. Select the green ‘Choose a time’ button. The available dates and times will show. You can select from the available options.

2. You can also select the stylist/barber using the ‘(anyone) link’.

3. This will provide a list that you can select who you like to see. If you do not have a preference leave it as ‘(anyone)’.

4. Select the ‘continue’ button

Sign up or Log In

1. You will now need to either sign up or log in. You can use your Facebook log in for this or if you are already registered at the salon you can connect your client card to the online booking system by using the email address you registered with us.

Terms and conditions apply to all bookings made online. More information >>>