Ciao EveryGreen

Have you tried our vegan haircare and colour range EVERYGreen?


Originating from Italy, haircare is based on plant extracts and certified organic ingredients, chosen for their efficacy and synergy for visibly healthy hair and scalp.


EVERYGreen are dedicated to sourcing sustainable ingredients, using fully recyclable containers and avoiding unnecessary outer packaging for their products.


Their products are high quality and specially made for professionals, so you can rest assured that the products you’re using on your hair are some of the best available on the market.


In salon we use the EVERYGreen Colour Cream, with it’s low ammonia formula, a mixture of nourishing organic oils and a vegan keratin complex, EVERYGreen Colour Cream is both kind to your hair and the planet.


The haircare range caters for a variety of hair types, so whether you’re looking for a dry hair mask to bring back moisture, an antioxidant shampoo to restore your hair or protecting dyed hair colour to keep your hair in great condition, EVERYGreen has something for everyone.

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GLOWWA hair food supplement

Want healthier hair?

Did you know that healthy hair is created from the inside out? What you eat, your lifestyle, stress and digestion all contribute to the rate, quality and condition of hair growth.


Tackling this problem has never been easier with GLOWWA, a scientifically formulated supplement, designed to support and repair damaged hair at the roots.


Using 100% natural ingredients the award-winning hair food vitamins are suitable for anyone looking to achieve longer, healthier hair.




GLOWWA is a 100% vegan brand and 100% cruelty-free & all ingredients are natural and plant-based and free from bulking agents.


1000’s people have found GLOWWA products helpful for hair growth, improved condition and numerous wellbeing benefits.


To see if GLOWWA could help you, speak to Charlotte or Ellie


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