Healthy, strong hair with INNOluxe


Whatever your style, you deserve hair that’s strong and healthy on the inside and conditioned, soft and shiny on the outside. INNOluxe repairs, strengthens and even protects against further damage.


INNOluxe pushes the boundaries of hair repair so that you can experiment as much as you like with colour and style without worrying about damage.


How INNOluxe repairs and protects the hair


Split ends, breakage, frizz and more bad hair days than good… We’ve all been there and we all know that damaged hair is no fun. Plus, if your hair’s weak, your colour and style won’t last as well and you’ll find it incredibly difficult to grow your hair.


But how do you stop the damage from happening, and how do you fix your hair when the damage is already done?


INNOluxe explains the science of healthy hair, how the damage happens, and how INNOluxe’s Advanced AminoBond Technology can save the day.


Hair is made of proteins

In fact, healthy hair can be over 90% protein. And those proteins are held together by sulphur, hydrogen and ionicbonds.


Sulphur bonds are the strongest of these bonds. They give your hair its strength and shape, from straight to curly or anywhere in between. But all the bonds are important.


And the problems start when bonds get broken and hair becomes more porous.


The problem with being porous


When bonds break, they leave microscopic gaps in the hair and that means the hair can absorb more water (becomes more porous).


The more porous your hair, the weaker and more likely it is to break. It also becomes less able to hold a style and more susceptible to humidity and frizz.


Damage happens


It’s easy to think that strong chemicals are the only culprit when it comes to weakening hair, but all hair gets damaged. Some of the main offenders are…


Environmental damage


Weather (think wind, sun, cold and rain) and artificial environments like heating and air conditioning can all harm your hair.

Heat styling


Everyday styling routines like blow-drying, using straighteners, curling tongs or other heated tools can break bonds.



Unless you use it with a product like INNOluxe ReBond, any colour that works with bleach or developer will challenge the structure of your hair and reduce its strength.

Chemical services


Perming or relaxing hair works by deliberately breaking bonds and reforming some of them with the hair manipulated into a new shape.

However the damage happens, those all-important bonds that make up your hair end up broken.


Protein technology repairs damaged hair


Rebuilding the hair with proteins removes those tiny spaces where the extra water gets in, leaving the hair stronger, healthier and shinier.


Different types of damage need different types of repair. Smaller proteins strengthen and rebuild deep inside each strand while bigger ones repair and protect from the outside.


There’s no one ingredient that can repair damaged hair, which is why many bond builders and hair repair treatments can only go so far.

The INNOluxe difference


Our Advanced AminoBond Technology blends together lots of approaches into one uniquely-thorough answer to protecting and repairing hair:


  • It targets each area of damage with the specific size of protein it needs most, protecting softening and thickening each strand.
  • It creates connections between the proteins and adds extra crosslinks to form a superstrong network of bonds.
  • It adds a conditioning shield that weaves its way in and around every fibre, adding even more protection and condition.

Protect and repair your hair with INNOluxe


INNOluxe is now available, either as a stand alone bond building treatment or as an upgrade to your colour service.



Thanks to INNOluxe for their scientific explanation!

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Ciao EveryGreen

Have you tried our vegan haircare and colour range EVERYGreen?


Originating from Italy, haircare is based on plant extracts and certified organic ingredients, chosen for their efficacy and synergy for visibly healthy hair and scalp.


EVERYGreen are dedicated to sourcing sustainable ingredients, using fully recyclable containers and avoiding unnecessary outer packaging for their products.


Their products are high quality and specially made for professionals, so you can rest assured that the products you’re using on your hair are some of the best available on the market.


In salon we use the EVERYGreen Colour Cream, with it’s low ammonia formula, a mixture of nourishing organic oils and a vegan keratin complex, EVERYGreen Colour Cream is both kind to your hair and the planet.


The haircare range caters for a variety of hair types, so whether you’re looking for a dry hair mask to bring back moisture, an antioxidant shampoo to restore your hair or protecting dyed hair colour to keep your hair in great condition, EVERYGreen has something for everyone.

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Congratulations to our talented Daisy

She’s only gone and done it! Our apprentice Daisy is officially qualified as a hairdresser!!


We’re proud that Daisy smashed her final assessment and excited as she transitions into her new position as a graduate stylist.


Daisy is now available in the salon offering a range of cutting, styling and colouring services many of which are available at our Graduate Stylist prices.


But the learning doesn’t stop, as Daisy is now working towards obtaining her barbering qualification.


Well done Daisy, you are a superstar and we are lucky to have you on the team! x

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GLOWWA hair food supplement

Want healthier hair?

Did you know that healthy hair is created from the inside out? What you eat, your lifestyle, stress and digestion all contribute to the rate, quality and condition of hair growth.


Tackling this problem has never been easier with GLOWWA, a scientifically formulated supplement, designed to support and repair damaged hair at the roots.


Using 100% natural ingredients the award-winning hair food vitamins are suitable for anyone looking to achieve longer, healthier hair.




GLOWWA is a 100% vegan brand and 100% cruelty-free & all ingredients are natural and plant-based and free from bulking agents.


1000’s people have found GLOWWA products helpful for hair growth, improved condition and numerous wellbeing benefits.


To see if GLOWWA could help you, speak to Charlotte or Ellie


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Thank you…

Get rewarded for your haircut with A&P Rewards. It’s simple—earn points for every £1 spent on hairdressing or barbering services.


A&P Rewards is the client loyalty programme from Antony & Patricia and Bosun’s Barbers, and all you need to start earning is a haircut!


Exchange your reward earnings for some hair care treatments, styling tools and products.


Earn points for haircuts, colouring and perming services and you can even earn bonus points with seasonal offers – clients who visited the salon throughout December 2021 were awarded bonus points as a Christmas treat!


How it works


When your Reward points reach 200, we convert your balance into a £5 credit which can be redeemed against purchases of products in our salon haircare & styling range. More information is available about the scheme here.


Track your points balance in your client account or just ask your stylist for a balance update next time you’re in the salon.

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Introducing Nine Yards

This premium Swedish haircare brand, Nine Yards, made quite an impression when we tested out the range.


Created for professional use, the salon only product range launched in the UK in January 2021 and is renowned for its ethics and cruelty-free morals.


Nine Yards offers an extensive collection of products that perfectly balances functionality and natural ingredients. 100% free from parabens, sulphates and MIT amongst other unnecessary ingredients, these highly concentrated miracle workers contain potent natural goodies including Shea Butter, Broccoli Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Wheat Protein, Meadowfoam oil, Argan and Sunflower seed extract, and all but one product in the range is Vegan-friendly.


Best of all, the full collection is available to buy in the salon. Speak to you stylist to find out more and test out a product or two!

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Hair models wanted

Support the next generation of hairdressers & barbers.


Coming to the academy is a great way to help young people realise their dreams of becoming hairdressers all while getting hair care at a fab cost.


Services provided in the academy are fully supervised by highly experienced and qualified trainers & assessors, so we can ensure you come out of your session looking and feeling fantastic.


Academy sessions are regularly held on Thursday mornings and occasionally on other days during the week.


Find out more and book an appointment.

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e-gift cards now available


Make gifting easy with online gift vouchers.


From the mother-in-law who has everything to the best friend who deserves a pamper…everyone loves a gift voucher! Treat friends and family to a haircut, treatment or hair-up for a special occasion with a gift voucher that you can purchase online.


Our vouchers make a great last-minute option and can be sent with a personalised message.

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Preparing for a haircut

Haircuts are not always fun for children as the unfamiliarity can be overwhelming. If its a first ever haircut in a salon there’s a new environment, a stranger who will cut their hair and your child has no idea how long the haircut will take. Even after the first visit, you may find that your child dislikes the buzz of the clippers, fears scissors near their head or they may dislike having their hair touched.

The stylists at Noah’s Ark are experienced with both the common and unusual fears and behaviours which many children experience. Katrina shares her helpful hints as to best prepare your child for their visit to the salon.

?Katrina at Antony and Patricia

Consultations help us make the the most of your visit

Before you visit…

  • Complete the consultation form we send you so we can tailor your booking and understand any concerns you may have before you arrive
  • If you think it would help, arrange a visit so your child can familiarise themselves with the salon.
  • If it’s a first salon haircut, take away the mystery by reading storybooks about getting haircuts or through play, giving pretend haircuts to each other.
  • You can try getting your hair cut first and bring your child with you to watch
  • Schedule an appointment at a time of day your child is most calm – we can help by recommending a time when the children’s salon is quieter if this helps.
  • Consider what type of hairstyle may best benefit your child’s circumstances, e.g. a ‘buzz cut’ with clippers may be best suited than one that involves scissors.
  • Arrive in plenty of time for your appointment. Traffic delays, difficulties in parking (especially on market days!) can lead to stressed parents and late arrivals.

Once you’ve arrived at the salon, Katrina suggests…

  • Keep your child focused on something else by bringing a preferred toy, book or video to watch. We also have items available to share including tablets, TV and toys.
  • Your child can sit in your lap if needed – let us know what you think will work best
  • If the noise of the scissors or clippers bothers your child, speak to us about this – we don’t have to use both.
  • A private room is available if it helps to be apart from other families in Noah’s Ark and we can provide covers for the mirror on request.

Create a routine by visiting the same stylist on a regular basis

After the haircut:

  • Bring another top that your child can change into after their haircut – tiny hair remnants around the neckline can make someone itch like crazy!
  • Create a routine by visiting the same stylist on a regular basis.  The familiarity and consistency will help build a greater level of trust and help to alleviate those fears.
  • Provide a reward directly after the haircut. We provide tasty treats for our youngest clients, but you could follow up the haircut with a trip to the playground, a visit to the grandparents or something else that they would love

It’s worth remembering that every child’s behaviour whilst having a haircut differs. We hope our suggestions help make your child’s next haircut less stressful or scary.

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Homes of Football

Burnley v Sheffield United
The Winder family watching Burnley v Sheffield United at Bosun's Barbers, Rawtenstall

Back in December legendary football photographer, Stuart Roy Clarke arrived at the Bosun’s Barbers to photograph Tony and his family support the Clarets in their 1-0 victory against Sheffield United.


Tony, a Burnley Football Club fan & season ticket holder thought the opportunity to participate in the photoshoot was a prank at first. However, once he was convinced it was real, he suggested that Stuart join the family in the barber’s chairs – the ideal location to watch the game straight after work.


You can see Tony and members of his family in the images as part of a new outdoor exhibition, dubbed The Homes of Football, at the National Football Museum in Manchester


Harvey the dog even joins in to watch the game!

The exhibition showcases Clarke as he turns his famous camera lens inside the homes (and barbershops)of football fans across the country as they have supported their teams from afar.


The photography series captures the authentic imagery of supporters from every Premier League club, across Amazon Prime Video’s 30 fixtures in the 2020/21 season.


The full line-up can be seen as a free outdoor public exhibition outside of the National Football Museum, Manchester from Thursday 27 May. The exhibition brings to life the happiness, heartbreak and jubilation of football support across the 2020/21 season with visitors able to scan QR codes to hear the stories behind each image as told by the families themselves.


Stuart Roy Clarke, talks about his latest project...

Legendary football photographer, Stuary Roy Clarke, talks about his latest project: The Homes of Football 2020/21 with Amazon Prime Video. The exhibition captures the emotions of fans in lockdown who have swapped the terrace for the television during an unprecedented year.

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